Mengasah Keterampilan Berpidato Bahasa Inggris: Contoh Teks Pembukaan, Isi, dan Penutup Pidato

Kemampuan berbicara di depan umum (public speaking) atau melakukan pidato dalam bahasa Inggris sangatlah penting mengingat perkembangan hubungan antar bangsa di era globalisasi.

Dan bagi siapapun yang ingin mengetahui, memahami, serta melatih kemahiran berbicara bahasa Inggris di depan umum, artikel ini akan menyajikan beberapa contoh pidato bahasa Inggris yang meliputi bagian pembukaan, isi, dan penutup. Langsung saja yuk dibaca dan dipelajari contoh-contoh pidato singkat bahasa Inggris resmi dan informal berikut ini.


Daftar Isi :

01: Contoh Teks Pidato Penyampaian Terima Kasih (Speech of Gratitude)

A: Pengertian Pidato Penyampaian Terima Kasih Bahasa Inggris

Speech of gratitude biasanya disampaikan sebagai ucapan terima kasih dari satu pihak kepada pihak tertentu yang telah memberikan bantuan dan dukungan, baik langsung maupun tidak langsung. Misalnya seseorang yang telah menyelesaikan tugasnya dalam jabatan tertentu.

Isi teks pidato adalah informasi mengenai apa yang telah dicapai selama kepemimpinannya, Selain itu juga berisi tentang ucapan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah membantu dan mendukungnya sehingga tugas-tugasnya bisa diselesaikan dengan baik. Jenis pidato ini biasanya disampaikan dengan teks. Perhatikan contohnya berikut ini:

terima kasih
Contoh teks pidato singkat sebagai ucapan terima kasih


B: Contoh Teks Pidato Singkat

1: Contoh Pembukaan Pidato Resmi

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the master of all messengers, and upon all his family and Companions.

At the outsell, it gives me pleasure to extend to the President, government and people of the glorious Republic of Indonesia, profound gratitude and sincere appreciation for hosting this important meeting and for the warm welcome, hospitality and sincere brotherly treatment extended to us.

2: Contoh Teks Isi Pidato

My term of office in the bank has coincided with a highly important tuning point which is characterized by several challenges, the facing of which required special and relentless efforts to meet the more critical needs of member countries. It may be worthy of understanding briefly some of the achievements made by the will of Allah and thanks to your support and proper directives as well as the assistance of the Board of Executive Directors, my colleagues the Vice Presidents and cooperation of the technical and administrative staff of the Bank.

3: Contoh Teks Penutup Pidato

 I pray the Almighty, exalted be His Name, that the granted further success to your efforts and leads the Bank onto the path of its third decade.

I pray Allah that He may grant prosperity and stability to the President, Government and people and to the rest of the Muslim world.

(Strive for Allah shall bear witness to your labour and His Prophet and the Believers)

May Allah preserve you and guide your steps onto the right path.

Peace be upon you and Alloh’s Mercy and Blessings.

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02: Contoh Teks Pidato Penutup Bahasa Inggris (Closing Remarks)

A: Pengertian Pidato Penutup

Pidato penutup disampaikan ketika konferensi atau sidang berakhir. Isi sambutan ini antara lain rangkuman hasil sidang serta ucapan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah memungkinkan sidang bisa dilaksanakan dengan baik.

Penyampaian pidato ini biasanya dengan teks pidato. Berikut ini contoh pidato penutup yang disampaikan oleh Bapak Ali Alatas pada penutupan pertemuan Tingkat Menteri Biro Koordinasi Gerakan Non-Blok di Bandung pada tanggal 27 April 1995.

Perhatikan contoh berikut ini:

Contoh teks penutupan acara


B: Contoh Pidato Singkat Formal

1: Contoh Bagian pembukaan pendahuluan teks pidato penutup:

My Dear Colleagues,

Distinguished Delegates,

We have just been through an exhausting yet very productive process. For the past two-end-a-half days we have deliberated on a wide range of global issues, all of them important some of them crucial to the life of our Movement. I am glad that before we went through the rigorous of these deliberations and the energetic but always friendly debate that it entailed. We had summoned the Spirit of Bandung and drawn inspiration, strength and enlightenment from the historic Asian-African Conference held in this city forty years ago. 

2: Contoh Isi Teks Pidato Penutup Bahasa Inggris

By arriving at consensus decisions on a number of issues closing this meeting, we have made just another step in the long journey of our movement to its goal. Indeed, as has always happened, after every meeting that we convene such as this, we grow more unified in our approaches, more coordinated in our actions, and more effective in participation in international decisions-making, By thus exercising the dynamism of our movement, we keep in steep with the rapid march of history.

3: Contoh Bagian Teks Pidato Penutup

In this meeting you have all generously contributed your valuable thoughts and your powers of articulation. You have also given much of yourselves, many of you working until the small hours of the morning in order to fulfill this meeting’s demanding agenda. For that i cannot thank you enough.  May God Almighty bless your journey home.

Bila Anda merasa masih kesulitan memahami teks bahasa Inggris, silahkan gunakan Google Translate, praktis dan gampang penggunaannya, kita tinggal masukkan istilah bahasa Inggris, maka langsung bisa dilihat artinya.


03: Contoh Pidato Singkat Bahasa Inggris untuk Memperkenalkan Orang

A: Pengertian Pidato Memperkenalkan Orang

Pidato ini (speech of introduction) disampaikan ketika perusahaan atau organisasi memperkenalkan orang baru atau tamu yang berkunjung ke perusahaan sehingga orang baru tersebut merasa diterima di lingkungan barunya. Sambutan ini disampaikan dengan singkat, padat dan  jelas. Perhatikan contoh pidato singkat bahasa Inggris berikut ini:

Contoh pidato singkat resmi memperkenalkan seseorang.


B: Contoh Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris

1: Contoh Pembukaan Teks Pidato Singkat

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We feel honoured – tonight –  to have somebody whose name is not witout fame both to us and to the world. This is Mr. Murrow, Edward R. Murrow.

To know him better, allow me to tell you his impressive record.

2: Contoh Teks Isi Pokok Pidato

Egbert changed his name to Edward after his sophomore year, became president of the junior class, and was student-body president as a senior. He was the top cadet in the ROTC, noted for his firm and effective parade-ground voice. He also was the best debater on the campus and the number one man in dramatics. His voice caught the fancy of a little crippled WSC speed teacher  named Ida Lou Anderson, who made him her protege and perhaps did more to perfect his vocal delivery than any other person.

3: Contoh Teks Penutup Pidato

Mr Murrow will be with us for a month as a visiting lecturer. I am convinced that we can benefit his expertise to improve our public speaking skill.

Thank you very much.


04: Contoh Teks Pidato Persuasif Singkat – Kampanye Bahasa Inggris (Speech of Campaign)

A: Pengertian Pidato Persuasif Singkat

Jenis pidato ini disampaikan ketika ada peristiwa seperti pemilihan legislatif, kepala daerah, dan pemilihan presiden. Pidato ini bersifat persuasif untuk menyakinkan audiens. Penggunaan teknik vokal seperti intonasi serta kemampuan berbahasa sangat menonjol pada penyampaian pidato kampanye.

Isi pidato adalah penyampaian program kerja yang akan dilakukan jika terpilih, hal ini mendorong pendengar untuk memberikan suara baginya. Pidato kampanya bisa disampaikan dengan atau tanpa teks.

Berikut ini disajikan contohnya:

contoh teks kampanye


B: Contoh Teks Pidato Persuasif dalam Bahasa Inggris tentang Kampanye

1: Contoh pembukaan pidato persuasif singkat formal

I’m pleased to be here, Peter [Reilly, president] made it sound as though I were doing you a big favor by coming, and I’m not. You do me a favor by having me.

I;m pleased to have this opportunity to talk to you today for a few minutes. The reason I need to start early and get out on time is that the Governor has a meeting at ten o’clock with just the legislative leaders. We have trouble again on the budget – it has not been put together.

We’re trying to desperately hard to avoid the kind of debacle we had last year, when we were forty-two days late- at which time, when asked about a budget not coming in on time for three years in a row and how I felt about that, I said, frankly, “I feel very bad, because it’s another symptom of a society  that’s gone lawless.”   

 2: Contoh teks pidato persuasif bagian penutup

There won’t be anything more important.

I pledge that to you. And I don’t think you’ve ever heard anybody say about Cuomo that he didn’t mean it when he said it – and he didn’t live up to this word.

Thank you

(Hanna and Gibson, 1987;374-378)


05: Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Pelantikan (Inaugural Address)

A: Pengertian Pidato Pelantikan

Saat pelantikan pejabat negara, perusahaan dan organisasi biasanya disertai dengan pidato pelantikan. Pidato ini berisi pandangang-pandangan orang yang diangkat tentang visi misi serta lingkungan yang behubungan dengan bidang pekerjaannya. Pada peristiwa ini mereka yang dilantik biasanya menggunakan teks pidato.

Bagaimana format pidato ini? Perhatikan cuplikan contoh pendahuluan teks pidato singkat bahasa Inggris pada saat pelantikan Presiden John F Kennedy berikut ini, semoga bisa mewakilinya.

Perhatikan contoh teks pelantikan berikut ini:

Contoh Teks Pelantikan


B: Contoh Teks Pidato B Inggris

1: Contoh teks pembukaan pidato singkat pelantikan

We observe today not at victory of party but a celebration of freedom – symbolizing an end as well as a beginning – signifying renewal as well as change. For I have sworm before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears pre-scribed nearly a century and three quarters ago.

2: Contoh teks penutup pidato singkat formal

Finnaly, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask for us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking. His blessing and his help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own. 


06: Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Pengusulan Calon Pimpinan (Speech of Nomination)

A: Pengertian Pidato Pengusulan Kandidat/Calon

Jenis pidato ini disampaikan ketika mengusulkan calon pimpinan organisasi bisnis atau sosial. Kualifikasi, prestasi, serta kehidupan sosial dari kandidat yang diusulkan adalah isi pokok dari teks pidato ini. Selain itu adalah kontribusi dari sang kandidat. Public speaking ini bisa disampaikan dengan teks atau tanpa teks pidato.

Berikut disajikan contoh teks sambutan pengusulan pimpinan:

Contoh Teks Pengusulan
contoh tentang singkat tentang pengusulan pimpinan organisasi bisnis


B: Contoh Teks Pidato

1: Contoh Pembukaan Pidato Singkat Pengusulan Kandidat Pimpinan

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset I would like to express my gratitude to you for the opportunity given to me to put forwards my views. Our organization has been growing tremendously and contributing to the society significantly through challenges and opportunities. Yet, the environment of today’s offers us new challenges and opportunities.

2: Contoh Teks Isi Pokok Pidato

To survive and contribute more in the changing context, enable, strong and committed leader is needed. The coming president should at least have the same intellectual capacity, managerial skill, social interaction capability as the previous on or ones. As uncertainty and unexpected events signify the materialization of the new context, our leader should also have innovative, proactive and lateral ways to deal with any possible problems.

May I read, before mentioning the name, the qualification of the person, who – to the best of my knowledge  – fits the demands identified?

She earned her MBA from Harvard University and PhD in administration from Pittsburgh. She played vital role, with her unusual solutions, in saving the Neptune from total loss in 1985. Again in 1989, she managed in lifting up the Lagoon, an oil company, in such an adept way that it could reach a 15% annual growth.

She belonged to Phi Kappa Beta and has been honorary member of Anglo-American Charity Family since 1988. She has brought unexpected, but proved useful, changing intoour organization. By her apt hands, our organization has deserved the attention of the Government and its fame of social contribution transcends our national border.

Permit me now to mention one name. She is Mrs. Stevenson. Sarah Stevenson.

3: Contoh Teks Penutup Pidato Bahasa Inggris

Mr. Chairman,

I would like to nominate Mrs. Stevenson as the coming president of our organization.

Thank you very much.


07: Contoh Teks Pidato B. Inggris saat Memberikan Sumbangan

A: Pengertian Pidato Saat Memberikan Sumbangan

Ucapan terima kasih bisa diungkapkan dengan berbagai ekspresi, salah satunya adalah melalui pidato (speech of dedication). Public speaking jenis ini disampaikan pada saat mempersembahkan sesuatu, misalnya fasilitas umum untuk kebermanfaatan orang banyak.

Berikut ini contoh pidato bahasa Inggris dalam rangka menyampaikan terima kasih.

Contoh sambutan singkat dan struktur teks pidato saat pemberian sumbangan.


B: Contoh Teks Pidato Singkat

1: Contoh pembukaan pidato

Pada contoh ini kami nukilkan dari pidato Harold Haydon yang disampaikan pada saat ia mempersembahkan sebuah patung hasil karya Henry Moore kepada Universitas Chicago. Patung tersebut dipersembahkan dalam rangka memperingati keberhasilan Enrico Fermi dan kawan-kawan dalam menciptakan reaktor nuklir untuk reaksi fisi pertama pada tanggal 2 Desember 1952.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since very ancient times men have set up a marker, or designated some stone or tree, to hold the memory of a deed or happening far longer than any man’s lifetime. Some of these memorial objects have lived longer than man’s collective memory, so that we know ponder the meaning of a monument, or wonder whether some great stone is a record of human action, or whether instead it is only a natural objective.

There is something that makes us a solid presence, a substantial form, to be the tangible touchstone of the mind, designed and made to endure as witness or record, as if we mistrusted that seemingly trail yet amazingly tough skein of words and symbols that serves memory and which, despite being mere ink blots and punch-holes, nonetheless succeeds in preserving the long human tradition, timer than any stone, thougher than any metal.



08: Contoh Teks Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris untuk Menyampaikan Keberatan (Speech of Appeal)

contoh pidato singkat tentang hidup rukun dan damai

A: Tujuan Pidato

Speech of appeal bertujuan untuk meminta perhatian pengurus organisasi atau pihak yang berwenang terhadap suatu masalah. Jenis public speaking ini disampaikan dengan sikap persahabatan.

Isi pidato tentang latar belakang, pandangan-pandangan serta alasan-alasan mengenai perlunya memberikan perhatian terhadap masalah tersebut. Selain itu, isi dari pidato ini memberikan alternatif-alternatif solusi penyelesaian masalah. Sambutan ini disampaikan dengan teks.


B: Contoh Teks Naskah Pidato Singkat

Berikut ini disajikan sebagian contoh teks naskah pidato yang disampaikan oleh Martha J. Sara, seorang mahasiswa di Universitas Alaska. Pidato keberatan itu bertujuan untuk menyampaikan pandangan-pandangannya tentang berbagai masalah masyarakatnya di depan Sub Komite Masalah-masalah Indian Kementerian Dalam Negeri dan Komite Masalah-masalah Insular USA tanggal 17 Oktober 1969.

1: Contoh pendahuluan pidato:

Mr. Chairman, member of the board, my name is Martha J. Sara. I’m an Eskimo. I was born and raised in Bethel. I’m a junior at The University of Alaska. My major is sociology and I plan to go on and become a social worker.

On behalf of the Theata Club, which is an organization of native students on the University of Alaska campus, and on behalf of myself. I would like to say that I’m grateful for the right and am happy to take the responsibility to testify on behalf of the Native Land Claim.

Bagian Teks Isi :

I am here representing a body of eager, willing young adults ready to learn, work, and show our capability in the management of our own affairs. I am just one of many who are willing to struggle for an education, who are willing to work hard, the way we worked on the Bethel Prenatal Home.

We are not asking for all our land – just a portion of it and if you grant it to us, we will have to strive very hard because what we are asking for is less than what we believe is fair. But we are capable of striving very hard.

Bagian Teks Penutup Pidato:

In closing I would like to say that competence is something that has to be proven. And as young native adults we have demonstrated our abilities and are now proving it.

I would like to add that we are deeply grateful to you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and hear out testimonies. It is deeply appreciated. Thank you! Ouyana cakneg!

(Devito, 1984:380-382)


09: Contoh Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris Penyambutan Kedatangan Seseorang (Speech of Welcome)

A: Pengertian Pidato Penyambutan

Speech of welcome disampaikan untuk mengungkapkan rasa terima kasih kepada orang yang berkunjung ke lingkungan di mana kita berkarya. Public speaking ini disampaikan juga situasi dan kondisi serta perkembangan lingkungan yang semakin baik. Penyampaiannya biasanya menggunakan teks.

Perhatikan contoh teks sambutan kedatangan seseorang berikut ini:

pidato sambutan
contoh pidato singkat sambutan kedatangan seseorang


B: Contoh Teks Pidato Penyambutan

1: Contoh pembukaan pidato bahasa inggris Penyambutan

On this August occasion of Your Excellency’s visit to IPTN, allow me first of all, on behalf of all my associates in this firm, extend most cordial welcome to you and your party to our facilities in Bandung.

As Your Excellency’s so graciously acknowledged in Your Excellency’s address at the State Dinner in The Presidential Palace Monday, Indonesia embarked on the acceleration of the acquisition and application of advanced technology to national development some nine years ago.

2: Contoh Teks Isi

We are convinced, however, that no country can escape it if it is true to every nations is innate desire to exist as an entity characterized by the capacity to stand on its own economically , by its ability to preserve its cultural identity, and by its power to preserve its political independence.  

We recognize that in this vast endeavor each nation must rely on its own strength and resources with due regard of all realistic possibilities of cooperating with countries prepared to do so on the basis of mutual benefit and interest.

3: Contoh Teks Penutup

I thank you for you kind attention and now beg permission to present to you some of the activities we are currently, engaged in.


10: Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Untuk Memperingati Meninggalnya Seseorang (Speech of Eulogy)

A: Pengertian Pidato Memperingati Meninggalnya Seseorang

Speech of eulogy berisi tentang penyampaian prestasi, loyalitas, dedikasi, kepribadian serta perhatian sosial orang yang diperingati. Format penyampaiannya ringkas dengan menggunakan bahasa yang efektif dan dipahami umum. Penyampaiannya bisa menggunakan teks atau tidak.

Berikut ini contoh pidato singkat orang meninggal :

contoh pidato bahasa Inggris memperingati seseorang yang telah meninggal.


B: Contoh Teks Pidato Singkat

Berikut ini disajikan contoh teks sambutan untuk Wernher von Braun, pakar roket asal Jerman yang disampaikan oleh Eric Sevareid pada tanggal 17 Juni 1977.

1: Contoh pembukaan pidato resmi

A generation ago, the allied military, using the old-fashioned airplane, did their best to kill the German, his associates, and their new-fashioned rockets, which were killing the people in London, Yesterday, Wernher von Braun, American citizen, died peacefully in George washington’s hometown of Alexandria, Virginia.

Without this man, Hitler would not have held out as long as he did, without him. Americans would not have got to the moon as soon as they did.

2: Contoh Teks Isi

There is always dream to begin with, and the dream is always benign. Charles Lindbergh, as a young man, saw the airplane, not only as an instrument to liberate man from the plodding earth, but as a force peacefully uniting the human race through faster communication and the common adventure. Now its benefits are measured against its role in returning warfare to the savagery of the Middle ages, burning whole cities with their occupants.

3: Contoh Teks Penutup

Everything in space, von Braun said, obeys the laws of physics. If you know these laws and obey them, space will treat you kindly. The difficulty is that man brings the laws of this own nature into space, the issue is how man treats man. The problem does not lie in outer space, but where it’s always been: on terra firma in inner man.

(Ehninger,, 1982:335-336)


C: Video tentang Public Speaking

Untuk wawasan dan pengetahuan kita tentang public speaking, yuk sejenak menyaksikan tips-tipsnya dalam video pembelajaran berikut ini:

Bagaimana menurut pendapat Anda?


11: Kesimpulan tentang Contoh Pidato Singkat

Strategi penyampaian pidato bahasa Inggris adalah salah satu unsur paling penting dalam praktik berbicara di depan umum (public speaking). Aspek lainnya adalah ekspresi wajah, gerak tangan, dan cara bersikap di podium serta aspek psikologis.

Unsur lain yang tidak boleh ditinggalkan adalah teknik vokal seperti  volume, kecepatan, dan tekanan kata serta analisis audiens.

Peristiwa-peristiwa yang biasanya memerlukan public speaking antara lain penyampaian terima ketika pemberian hadiah kasih, perayaan, dan penutupan sebuah pertemuan.

Beberapa contoh pidato singkat resmi, formal dan informal yang telah disajikan di atas mudah-mudahan bisa menjadi inspirasi dalam mempelajari, memahami, dan melatih kemampuan berbahasa  Inggris di depan umum.

Apabila mengutip artikel ini, sebutkan sumbernya ya Mas/Mbak. Makasih

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